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Health at Trinity View

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This past month an old friend came to live at Trinity View. We hadn’t seen her much since we moved in about 30 months ago. After seeing me, she told my wife that she thought I was doing much better than before. Better than what? One of the reasons we came here was that my multiple sclerosis of probably 40 years was taking its toll.

What has changed? Well, usually twice a week you can find me in the exercise room taking balance classes and strength classes under the direction of a professional trainer. I’m sure I’m eating a better diet too.

There are numerous opportunities to maintain and improve your health at Trinity View. I can’t tell you how many centenarians’ birthdays there have been in my short time here.

I probably walk a mile or two every day and, yes, fall occasionally, but I do feel better and maybe the ladies think I look better.

I’m in what’s called Independent Living. That means I am pretty much expected to function independently, but I can take advantage of numerous services available throughout the community for folks who need minimal care.

Certainly, the exercise room is available, but numerous home health services are available under contract.

While I am not an expert on Medicare, I understand that these services are frequently covered, at least when prescribed by a doctor. Physical therapists are frequently seen in the building helping with long term needs or short-term therapy after injuries or surgery. There is a doctor’s service available under contract as well, but most residents seem happy keeping their personal physician, and transportation is available to appointments. Other home care servers show up to monitor physical signs, to give injections, and even provide companions for those who need them.

My wife and I do live a happy independent life knowing that our independence is not going to be challenged as we enjoy the full benefits of healthy resources at Trinity View.

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