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Crisis at the Border

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There’s a crisis at the border, or across the border in South Carolina.

I’m relatively unchurched at this point in my life, but I live in Trinity View, a home for the elderly that is owned and operated by Lutheran Services Carolinas (LSC).

I realize I live in a community that is more comfortable than that available to most, but I am pleased that LSC provides a wide array of human services in our two states for those who are not as well-positioned in life as I am..

One of these is Transitional Foster Care for Unaccompanied Children. It’s a small program operation since 2017, but it has very successfully transitioned children into more permanent situations.

Unfortunately, the governor of South Carolina has recently banned the care of such children in his state. Since the program has been so successful, I would assume that action has been taken in response to national politics.

I have a strong interest and connection with the people and the children of Central America where this program is currently addressed. I have, since my retirement, volunteered, occasionally been paid, and toured in most of these countries. I accompanied my grandchildren through experiences there to let them see other ways people live. I’ve observed elections in El Salvador, financed a school there for women’s craft and textiles, consulted for the U.S. on the transfer of the Panama Canal, and consulted for the Nicaraguan Sandinistas after they had lost power.

During these experiences I have usually lived with local families of limited means. I understand why people want to leave. The lack of support by the US for positive governance when it occurred, even encouragement and military backing of dictatorships, has done little to improve the social and economic conditions from which people are fleeing mostly from Central America.  These children are our liability.

You may know too, that this is Child Abuse Prevention Month, declared as such by the President of the United States.

There is an obvious connection here.

The children coming across the border unaccompanied are legal guests of the United States and are subject to abuse if not protected by our government and its assisting organization like LSC.

I encourage you to go on the LSC website and listen to an interview that LSC president Ted Goins has with the Lutheran Bishop of South Carolina. It is a very clear message of the Christian responsibility, or I should say the human responsibility to act in this crisis. He is now working with the government of South Carolina to resolve this.

Trinity View is part of LSC, and I am pleased with the total commitment to good works and encourage Ted’s pursuit in this endeavor for children in need.

For more information on the Transitional Foster Care for Unaccompanied Children program visit

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