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Beauty shop – Sue VanHassel

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While I hesitate to risk being politically incorrect, I must admit I have always enjoyed the allure and fascination of the opposite sex, to a fault, my wife might add. Nevertheless, we find ourselves quite fortunate to have here at Trinity View a service that enhances those viewing pleasures.

Sue VanHassel is our cosmetologist holding forth in her own full-service shop on the third floor.

Sue has been at Trinity View for 25 years. Originally from New Jersey, with a few years in Florida, she and her husband realized the Asheville climate was better than either of those two states. Sue and Al have one daughter who lives in New Jersey.

Sue really enjoys working here and cherishes all the friendships she has made over the years. Her interesting, bubbly personality makes it a real pleasure to be under her care. Customers of Sue are quite fond of her and appreciate her advice and wisdom on styles and coloring. Even those who for various reasons have turned to wigs for difficult hair issues, find a friend and advisor in Sue.

Like in any good shop, Sue keeps hours by appointment usually Tuesday through Friday.

To complement this full-service shop, at least one Monday a month is set up for manicures/pedicures. A shampoo and haircut cost an easy $30. And so they can look good too, it is even less expensive for the men.

I understand from her customers that Sue is very understanding and helpful to advise on various kinds of problems they may have, not just their hair and beauty, but, unlike others in her profession, her sharing ends in the shop.

Her kindness and discretion are as well-known as the lovely hairstyles women at Trinity View wear with pride.

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