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Black Friday at Trinity View

| Neal Evans blog | No Comments
Twas the night before Christmas... No, actually it was the day after Thanksgiving. In most of America, the day is known as Black Friday when all the retail vendors encourage…

How is Trinity View similar to the Mayflower? The comparisons are striking

| Neal Evans blog | No Comments
Ever wonder about how big the Mayflower was for 130 people or how Trinity View compared with 120? The comparisons are striking. Those numbers include the crew of the Mayflower,…

What’s this have to do with the Trinity View Residents’ Council? Well…

| Neal Evans blog | No Comments
Some 60 years ago, in a little Tennessee town called Knoxville, a coed at the University of Tennessee came across this older gentleman, and I’m assured he was a gentleman,…

Neal Evans Blog: Veterans Day 2020

| Neal Evans blog | No Comments
Caption: This photo was taken during a Veterans Day service at Trinity View in 2019. The United States has been producing veterans for about 245 years now. Trinity View has…

Neal Evans blog: Wreathing and Carolina wrens

| Neal Evans blog | No Comments
I just passed a Trinity wreath-making group, all ladies. I'm sure all our gentlemen crafties were in their quarters applying razor strops to sharpen whittling knives. Nevertheless, the women were…

Neal Evans Blog: Elections

| Neal Evans blog | No Comments
The national election is less than a week away. Some folks say it is the most significant election in history. That might be challenged by some of our Trinity View…

The North Carolina mountains are calling you!

Trinity View is located on the outskirts of Asheville, nestled between the Blue Ridge and Great Smokey Mountains in an area locals call “the land of the sky.” Warm summer days and mild winters make Trinity View an inviting retirement destination. You will enjoy the small-town feel of Arden while being just a quick trip to cosmopolitan Asheville and all that historic city has to offer.

Day trips to Asheville offer great restaurants and outdoor cafes, art galleries, antique stories and trendy boutiques.

You’ll want to consider getting that extra bedroom because friends and family are going to want to visit this beautiful area our residents call home!

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